The Qualifications Of God In Heaven

The Qualifications OF God In Heaven
Jehovah Jesus Holy Spirit

#1.You Shall Not Have A Sex Partner. All Generations Shall Be Remain Pure And Virgins.

#2.Whether You Are Aged 8 Years And Above Shall serve The God Almighty,If He/She Failed To Do This Thing, Then You Will Be Curse And Please Depart From Me!! Now Prepare Yourself For The devil And His minions.

#3.Spread The Message For The Whole Generations Like A Wildfire “The 288 Persons Of God. If You Do Not Obey Me Then Your Are Not Mine!!!

#4.You Shall Not Have An Idolship!!! Like Sto. nino, Mary And Saints. Only You Worship God In A Holy Trinity, The Father, Son, And HolySpirit.

#5.Trust No One, Only In God You Shall Trust.

#6.Wear Your “Cross” As A Symbol Of My Sacrifice, Your God.

#7.Avoid Neighbors, Friends, Relatives. They Are Your Adversities.

#8.Pray Daily So That You Will Be Remain In Me, And I Will Always Be With You.

#9.Be a Generous.

#10.Feed My Creations.

(Jeremias 27:5) “by my Great power and Strength I created the world, mankind, and all the animals that live on the earth; and I give it to anyone I choose.

(Jeremias 23:23-24)”I am a God Who is everywhere and not in one place only. No one can hide Where I cannot see Him. Do you not know That I am everywhere in heaven and on earth?.”

I “Am” God Who Is Everywhere And You Cannot Hide A Secret From Me, For I Know Your Ending. There IS No Private Sex That Can Hide To My Eyes.. My Eyes Is Countless Like A Sand In Seashores. Your Feelings Is Not The Same Of Me, For I Created Countless.

I Am Now In Eternities. This Is My Place And Where I Am Lived. I Am God Who Are In Everywhere, In Past, Present And Future.

– Almighty God


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