The Lust and Sex in Heaven

heaven caught by hubble telescope 

The Sex In Heaven II

Wisdom of Lust is no end. They were be very impossible to describe by our finite understanding, but we feel very strongly sexually of desires, but some of us does’nt know the Reality of Heavens,  we Know that God created the fruits which we can taste it. and has a Good for our tongue. Lust is also Like Foods in which we feel by flesh, but God will cannot reveal his secrets on How he created Lust, They are the satisfying of Life  that make  your Dreams be whole and complete. if we compare our childhood from of adult, we see things that has someting is  changes, God want’s  to Let us know that Lust is just for a season, sometimes we feel Loneliness thats a time,on  how we can enjoy them by Masturbation, or watching a nude images, and you will understand what it’s meanings by Lust. The Fantasiest of Sex are very real, They can be stronger and stonger further from reality, but they are Limited, God has already limit the things but if we really continue the excitement of enjoyment, it would be an abuse. and you will Lost into the Fantasiest and you can called this up a Lost a losing from Reality World, you Lost Oppurtunity to put your Life into the Other Things of Realities, Like Evil, Good, Love, Fear, Hate, Sad, Loneliness and other things that God wants you to learn from His wisdom, They are Created, Lust is Countless and will be getting powerful and powerful. 
 Lust is Countless,  sometimes we can resist it, but there were Lust that could’nt explain but we understand because we feel it inside our flesh. But I will Show you things of what Lust in Heaven are really Like?
I will  be numbering them into 10.They were Just an example of Lustful happiness.
. . .
1. Luscious voices – a sounds of a girl annoying.
. . .
2. orgasm are continuing into limitless.

3. Lust in the Wounds – means when you have an open wounds, the pain is turning into Lust.

4. Whole part of the Body – a powerful Lust that entirely body could feel and taste,

5. watching pornograpic images – your Dreams of desiring a woman

6. Powerless in the Lust – means it was impossible to endured, sometimes you can run away from the        woman who are sexually attractive, a tempting voices that could annoying you, that feel you shy and ignorant.

7. Illussionary Maniac – an imaginary babes that could rape and feel you touchable.

8. Luscious voices – a powerful voices, that has a control over orgasm, and it can be squirt.

9. Sex Instructor– a teacher babes that can show you and demonstrating things.

10. Godlike Lust– a powerful Lust that could be stronger and stronger, faster and faster, and Fastiest.

shaiya and
In Heaven there are also called Goddesses they were the  God wives.
The Goddesses of Lust, Love, Temptation, and whores. They were very naked and there body was surrounded by a radiant Light with different colors and eyes are flames also they were naked wearing Bracelet,necklace, earings, Golds and etc. .

Yes, you are not Mistaken They were real exist and They were the very pleasures of Heaven..We Should not be Suprise if we get into Fantasy of Heaven!! 

But God Have the Laws on earth that we shall not commit adultery and make the Things be respected because it is Holy. This is very Filty and unpleasant that could Destroy many Lives and Houses but those who do these things will be in a Judgement Day.
Mark 10:7-9
‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife]8 and the two will become one flesh.So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
God  Has owns everything? The Sex, Lust, Temptations and even the Dreams of your Life. .
God wants You to experience The Sex In Heaven. but Only If you Obey Him and be virgin for a long Time and you will not be Thirsty of Lust and Sex anymore. 
But Once a man or a woman are seduced by devil and his demons shall have their part on The lake of sulfur which are Hell, because your Faith in God is not enough to fight the Temptation. and It was out of Holiness and purity. . 
God wants to reminds you To be Holy and control the Power of Lustful Deires but if can’t resist just release them so that you will not be imprisoned by Lust.. it is called forever Lost by Fantasy.

Genesis 2:18

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

. . .
The Sex In Heaven Part III

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