The Hallucinations

January 2, 2013
The Hallucinations


A Hallucination – is The experience of seeing something that is not really there because you are ill or have taken a drug.

But In a Reality

Hallucinations –is a secret power of devil and demons ,a mind program to fool the World and away us into the Reality of God. Hallucinations are also called Dreams that made up our mind real, but it was illussions you are like Dreaming but more than Dream it was a reality of Desires and Fantasy, it is kind of Dimensions some who have experience this are in a ecstacy of power a crazy state. Some who have feel are like Peace of heaven, joy and Happiness, or a Horror of hell, or an outside world experience, more than this you have no normal connection of people arounds you, and you are walking of ecstacy of power of evil. Hallucinations are using by Angels in Heaven to Give entertainment to God. And It was a Gift and it shows that How God was very very Generous. Even God knows their possibility, but soon he will take them, But they Learned nothing they use powers into evil purpose, now They seduced people to away them from God and made a rebellious plan to deceived the Earth and nations and not follow to the Creator which is God. now the Offspring of Eve and Adam are terribly suffer into destruction. And the Generation of man now they were very stubborn, they follow the devil who deceived them a father of all liar, soon our world will be evolved and the next Generation of man will many to redeem, sad to say our Generation have 18% who have passed the Test and Eternity secure to Heaven and 82% will end up to Hell and now they follow the Devil who deceived them. But Sleeper Awake!!! and know the Reality Of God Who saves you many times. The Cross are your protection against evil, use them as your weapons. Godbless


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