The Adversity satan

The Adversity satan


John 8:44 Jesus said to them”You  are of your  father  the devil, the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him, when he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.


satan have the power of hallucination, they speak and read  my minds, They know my thoughts and all of my weaknessess, they were trying to deceived me by a lies and seduced us  into the desires of flesh, they use my parents, neighbors, friends, and my girlfriend to trap and fall me into temptations.

 power of cross

We should have enough faith on God, so that we will never fall into sins.

As I have studies and witness the power of adversities they have ability to disguise like us, but they are demons and a liar yet they were genius of destruction and the’re very talented of music and other instrument but they were cursing me and hated God. It is very difficult to fight when our enemy  cannot be seen and attack on our behind, these demons are the secret agents of darkness, since a child who have been born these demons are assign to destroyed there lives and trap us into the desires of evils.

 angel devil hallucination

One of their special abilities is a hallucination they fool people and murmur secretly and attack on an hour, they have no rest to agitated people and broken our hearts, this are the power of demons, you can see them in a form of man or women but also God have a special agents called Angels’ they are protector for those who have faith on God and they were ready to sacrifice and be hurt.


 I and God fight against satan

The Adversity devil was be very quick after I fight against the patient In the Mental assylum, satan use and control over him in a next day when he pass over me after I turn my look on him he was suddenly in a distance place.. maybe satan can teleport or a lightning speed, I was not amazed.For God is with me and he will be fight for me. I fear no evil for God is my strength and sources of everything.

The devil build many ministry and try to destroy the Catholic church, this is a great battle between God against all adversities. God will find many ways to change us on our evil ways so that we never be lost forever in a lies..


The Truth is God are the Light when the Darkness hour comes. .

God and satan are fighting on my mind, the adversities trying to fool & kill me but God is my guidance and also my teacher ,and he will never leave  me behind all enemies and adversities.

My Wisdom and Talent are create by God for me.. everything I write is a word from God, whether the’re real or not soon you’ve found them true. Amen


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