About Me

I  am Edwin a  victim of demonic opression, I want to share my Experience and Testimony  of God. so that everyone may understand every mystery  that imprisoned us  and Losing us into the reality of existence.  The World that be impossible to be explain  by normal people, I’ was Heard voices from different place that distressing me , I have mental illness and experienced Hallucination a mental Disorder, The voices was  attacking me that made me weak and restless, I hear demons wisphering me, Satan have deceived my parents, brothers, sisters, and  friends they  use them to Fall me into the Trap of Everlasting destruction,They are Opressing  me by mental, Physical, and in spiritual. I was totally in pain!! I was in a Horror. They were  injected me and hurt I can’t do with myself,I was very powerless. they were not believed me of  but what I have experience. the demons force them to  fool me, but my movement was uncontrol, I Lost my self control, ‘I was not the same before ,I Try myself  to be normal but it does’nt work that way. i need a complete recovery and a lot of rest , The Fear and Deppression  was very hard to remove out, myself  has doing Hallucination I can’t resist it , The eyes of my parents was very Fierce, they were really look so evil and I was always in a danger situation. they read my mind and they know my thoughts Only the Devil has a power who could do such thing. my everyday prayer was Only way to be scaped from Horror and Opression. They were insulted and cursing me, it made my heart sick  if they attack me that way, it was powerful.The devil has a full control over people to rape, to kill, and torture. And The God was called me to Testify and witness of what  I see, feel, hear  and experience to warn people of the secret of satan. The demons are working and using Phychiatrist for not believing every patient who have experience hallucination, to hide their  very secret and that everybody Lost and does’nt  know the reality. They were lost now and demons driven them foolish and useless.

Read my Complete Testimony

The 288 Persons of God

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help me spread the message for I cannot do with my own..
satan has order all demons to inserted a thoughts on all people for not Believing in my testimonies.. do not be deceived by a lies on our thoughts help me…


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