My Hallucination Experienced”.hell_inside_earth
The Mental Asylum was very Unexpected, I can’t Believed I was There, I considered That Place a ”HELL”. The smell of That Place is very disgusting, The Patients there was Throwing their Filty thing,  The Prison cell or Mental Isolation was unacceptable for me, How could a very Good person like me who was getting there, but whatever reasons, I need to be escaped. The People there was very violent, They show no mercy, they are restless and did’nt sleep or eat much, The smell is not recognizable because they don’t have take a bath for How many weeks or months, But the most ashamable man there was “me” I was fully naked and the peoples around was saw me, and my face slide at the toilet bowl, very unpleasant for me. How poor!! Seeing myself there. . Then I was suddenly Teleported to the other isolation (mental prison) then I heard a very insulted words that very ashame to hear, I Feel myself in an Outside World Experienced. And I Saw many visions of People who was In Hell, then suddenly there was falling on my back, it was worms crawling in my behind then I saw people being tortured and handcuff and working in Lava w/ no rest. I considered This Place a Hell, it is under the earths core and I am not mistaken, There are Ground w/ people being prisons. They are in agony and very In a pain. Then suddenly I saw my  Fraternal Brother there, he was pleading me to get away from there, And said “brod. Do you recognized me? It’s me Dod’z your Bestfriend. Then I saw people around in a very High prisons with many prisoners, The Hell was unending cell, The ground prisons was very deep, it looks no end. .  The Hell has Different stages of Torment, The demons was trying to burn a fire under a prison cell and it will be Getting Hotter and Hotter and the person whos inside was seriously screamed. The people there was begging to free or wishing to die. It was unexpressable then I heard God, He was spoke in me And said’ How can I help you, when you are separated from me? Why you had Lost it your cross? That will save and free you in times of Dangers, Then myself was make a sign of  a cross with my hands and I saw piece of stick and formed a cross, while I was holding it. The God was connecting my cross to His power it was a sling or rope And He take me out on that Place, And I was back in my world And Found myself in a  Isolation place or mental prison. That was year 2010 December 2, it was my second time. 2008 was my first appear in that Mental Hospital.
Ground Prisons of  Hell LooksNo End
brod. dodz
My Fraternal Brother
Gamma Pi Epsilon
My Fraternity Sign
My First Fraternity
SAE 1966
My Second One

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