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The 288 Persons Of God
Names of God:
God is Omnipresent – present everywhere in Heaven and Earth.
God is Omnipotent  – all powerful, The Power is unceasingly increase.
God is Omniscient – all knowing, He knows the past, the present and the future .
God is a Perfect Being .   .  .
God is One but  not Alone
God is a Multiple Being  . .
God is 288 Persons  .  .  .  .  .
God is Almighty.  .  .  .  .  .  .
The 288 Person in God
(Genesis 1:26) Let us create man in our image and likeness.
 Jesus Christ is Jehovah and with Holy spirit.
The 288 Persons of God

God is a one God, who holds many position yet remains one God.

Jehovah – is the
Supreme God of All Eternities, The Creator of  All wisdoms and the
source of all  Life, In Him all was visible and invicible
Jesus Christ – The son of
Eternal God, The symbol of Purity of Almighty
. The One of the 288 Persons
of Jehovah.
Holy Spirit – is also a God who carry outs
Jehovah’s plan, Holy Spirit is your secret friend, when you are Lost and in a danger
just call onto him. He is powerful who can fight for you, seek him and you can
find him everywhere.
“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me yet not my will, but yours be done.
Luke 22:42
Behind every words that spoke byJesus is came out
from the mouth of Jehovah, it is God who Blind his Persons,
but in a Diverse truth is that Jehovah became Jesus and Do a
reality Hallucination with Him. A God who can talk to his self’s.
Let us understand that it is sayings:
who so ever shall say Thou Fool, Shall be in a danger of Hell Fire.
Love your neighbor as yourself ,

Love your enemy.

What does it really means to us?
We should have to gain wisdom and knowledge
of God, to know how the deepest and far is a meaning of Life.
And What was really mean by Hallucination?. We should have understand
that everything are exist and all what was Happen was

a realities of our existince.

Jesus said: The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

Mark 12:31
 A new command I give you: Love one another. 
As I have loved you, so you must love one another.
John 13:34


Where Does The Wisdom
The Father And Son is a symbol of God?
close up of father and son
Jesus is from the bosom of a Father?
The Twins is a symbol of God?


Man is the Image of God?
Talking to God is Hallucination?
God is the Hallucination of Father and Son?
Father and son
Good And Evil are Created?
The 288 Persons Of God
Which side Are you In?

Person Of God

The Supreme Godhead of Eternity

Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets
(Amos 3:7)
God sometime has a meeting of 288 Persons inside his own mind
and discuss stuff, events, future, Eternities
and everything that it is fit to
Genesis 11:1-9The Tower of Babel
And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.And the LORD said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them.”“Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city.9 Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of the whole earth; and from there the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of the whole earth.


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My Hallucination Experienced”.hell_inside_earth
The Mental Asylum was very Unexpected, I can’t Believed I was There, I considered That Place a ”HELL”. The smell of That Place is very disgusting, The Patients there was Throwing their Filty thing,  The Prison cell or Mental Isolation was unacceptable for me, How could a very Good person like me who was getting there, but whatever reasons, I need to be escaped. The People there was very violent, They show no mercy, they are restless and did’nt sleep or eat much, The smell is not recognizable because they don’t have take a bath for How many weeks or months, But the most ashamable man there was “me” I was fully naked and the peoples around was saw me, and my face slide at the toilet bowl, very unpleasant for me. How poor!! Seeing myself there. . Then I was suddenly Teleported to the other isolation (mental prison) then I heard a very insulted words that very ashame to hear, I Feel myself in an Outside World Experienced. And I Saw many visions of People who was In Hell, then suddenly there was falling on my back, it was worms crawling in my behind then I saw people being tortured and handcuff and working in Lava w/ no rest. I considered This Place a Hell, it is under the earths core and I am not mistaken, There are Ground w/ people being prisons. They are in agony and very In a pain. Then suddenly I saw my  Fraternal Brother there, he was pleading me to get away from there, And said “brod. Do you recognized me? It’s me Dod’z your Bestfriend. Then I saw people around in a very High prisons with many prisoners, The Hell was unending cell, The ground prisons was very deep, it looks no end. .  The Hell has Different stages of Torment, The demons was trying to burn a fire under a prison cell and it will be Getting Hotter and Hotter and the person whos inside was seriously screamed. The people there was begging to free or wishing to die. It was unexpressable then I heard God, He was spoke in me And said’ How can I help you, when you are separated from me? Why you had Lost it your cross? That will save and free you in times of Dangers, Then myself was make a sign of  a cross with my hands and I saw piece of stick and formed a cross, while I was holding it. The God was connecting my cross to His power it was a sling or rope And He take me out on that Place, And I was back in my world And Found myself in a  Isolation place or mental prison. That was year 2010 December 2, it was my second time. 2008 was my first appear in that Mental Hospital.
Ground Prisons of  Hell LooksNo End
brod. dodz
My Fraternal Brother
Gamma Pi Epsilon
My Fraternity Sign
My First Fraternity
SAE 1966
My Second One

Jesus And Father are One

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Jesus And Father Are One
Jesus and Father are One
Before Abraham was “I am
I and Father are “One
John 7:28
You both know Me, and know Where “I AM from; and I have not come of Myself,
but He who sent me is true, whom you do not know.
John 7:29
 But I know Him, forI am from Him, and he sent me.”
John 8:14
Jesus answered and said to them, “Even if I bear witness of Myself, My witness is true,  
for I know where “I came from” and where I Am going;
 but you do not know where” I come from
and where I am going.
John 8:16
“And yet if I do judge, My judgement is true;
I am not alone, but I am with the Father  
who sent me.
John 8:19
Then they said to him,” where is your Father?” Jesus answered, “You know neither Me nor My Father.If you had known Me, You would have known My Father also.”
John 8:28
Then Jesus said to them, “when you lift up the Son of Man then You will know that I Am He,
And that I do nothing of Myself; but as
 My Father taught MeI speak these thing
John 8:29
AndHewho sentMe is with Me, The Father has not left Me alone
for I always do those things that please Him.”
John 8:42
Jesus said to them,”If God were your father, you would love meFor I proceeded Forth 
and “Came from God,” nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.
John 8:54
Jesus answered “If I honor myself, My honor is nothing. 
It is My Father who honors Me, of whom you say that He is your God.
John 8:55
Yet you have not known Him, but I know Him. . And if I say, ‘I do not know Him,’I shall be a liar like you; but I do know Him and Keep His word.
John 8:58
Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, “I Am.”
John 14:9
He who has seenMe has seen The Father;

The Reality Of God

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December 21, 2012


The Reality OF God

The Supreme God of Eternity



God is empty mind

God has no emotion

God Feel no Love

God Feel No Fear

God Feel no mercy

God Feel Nothing!!

He is Not an Ordinary God

He is a Multiple Spirit with 288 Persons

God is not Good or Evil but he created them for a simple meaning of Life.

God Wisdom is created.

God have reach Eternities, The Alpha & Omega

Before God created Angels & Man he was already know the Ending.

The Book of Life was already done before mankind created, Our name was Already Written but for those who are wicked are not listed in it. The Judgement was already set. His Judgement was righteous and he is sinless and broke no Laws.. Our Eternity are already arrange by God.

The Questions? About God.




Who Are your Creator?

My Answer: is Jehovah, Holy Spirit and Jesus are Together Who Created Universe and Man.

How God Become Trinity?

My Answer: is God have already a Holy Spirit inside of Him and He has a Son named Jesus inside on a womb of a Father.

How many Persons Does a God?

My Answer: is a God have many part on his inside and it is Known as “Persons” of a face of God like a Twin have the same faces and he is well-known as Trinitarian God.

Who is God?

My Answer is: God is a Spirit with no Flesh, no heart and has no body of a Man.

Who is Jesus?

My Answer is: he is the Son of the Father and He is also a God, his mission is to destroy the work of evil spirits and save mankind into everlasting Destruction and are  way to dispell the cursed of Good & Evil Wisdom that ate by Eve and Adam that Tempted and influence by Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Have God Send Now a days a new Messiah?

My Answer is: Yes, He will Send his Sons and They will be called ”Change of Hearts” The God of Darkness and Lightness” he is One but have two persons of Devil and Angel, They are also Twins but a One God from a womb of a Father.


Is It Possible that a man will be a God?

My Answer is: Yes, it is possible. to make him a God he will be inserted by a Spirits of a God,  This spirits are also God inside of the Father. And They Will Crowned Him “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” because he will save man and Fallen Angels and He will be Angel, Devil and a Man but a God ,and was a Triune One.


Another Final Revealation of God?

My Answer is: I will Try myself to reveal them in a vision, soon a God will have a Demi-Gods which means they are son of a God. How was it Possible? If a man crowned to be a God and he will have to sex to many womens and have a sons and daughters and they will called them”Demi-Gods”. Is He Broke The Laws for making sex to many Girls? No, he broke no Laws. Why? Because he will marry them or he will signed a contract with God and have a sinless Life, whether making sex or sex after marriage. He is one who decide.

The Demi-Gods? What are they.

They are the Sons of God. Do they Have a Super-Powers? Yes, but only allowed them by God to use it. What are Possible Powers.? They can make the rain Stop, they can Lavitate, they can Teleportation, They can Fly, and float etc..

What more else?

 They Have Special Ability of Dancing, Singing, martial-arts, and a Drama.

After the Demi-Gods marriage, what are there sons/daughters.? There Sons & Daughters Will be called as Super-Heroes.


Super Heroes? Is it Real and Exist.? 

If you Believed in Jesus and also to God, its exist soon.

After that What next to be Happen? After Super Heroes Die there power will be heir to their Sons and Daughters.

And The Mortal Wars Will soon to Happen, it is a Battle of human against satan and his minions. Devils and minions will be soon to be mortals.!!!. . .                                                 

On How God Prepared into Possibities of Overthrowning Power?

God Wisdom is endless or unending to studies. The Lust and Sex and Beautiful Babes is unending creation it is very impossible to numbered, The Wisdom of Lust are endless, all was called heaven. And very yummy &  very Delicious… it is Like Food with Different taste but endless. you need try another more so you may feel satisfy on your Life but they are no end. It is called Eternal Life the unending studies.

The Duplication Technique of a God


God can be in everywhere in this Technique.

God will have to multiply Himself so that he can manipulate/manifest all things and fix problems.

Whether God has Lost it his Power or was Overthrowned. He was already prepared for this Possibility.

He can also has command all things to be his power or calling the Power that was overthrown. Other Technique was On and Off – God has ability to Turn On and Off his Power. Or another was.. He can Duplicated into millions and Increase or helping his duplication to Give Life or Power to his Own.

The 288 persons of God

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   The 288 persons of God


trinidad_virreinato_42  Most Holy Trinity


I and God Who are the author of this Book

(June 22,2012)                                                          


When I was 20 years old, I had an experience of lord Jesus by his presence, It was the year 2008, 3days After I was admitted to the Hospital, because of Ulcery in my stomach causing of less on eating and alcoholic liquor, They’ve found me symptoms of Nervous Breakdown a Mental disorder, it was on an off Fear, and heard and experience of internal words or noises in me, the voices was my neighbors and sometimes it was Girls, I had feel and sense Lord Jesus was in my dad, I ask God, how Long you could take me to Heaven Father?. Lord says”-If  you forgive the World then God will forgive you”., he had telling me the 10 commandments, The word was, thou shalt not kill, Thou shall not steal, Thou shall not commit adultery, nextday my mother brought a knife in the Hospital, I thought he could Kill me, I was screamed in fear and totally ran outside,but the nurses trap me. That was the Beginning of  my unconscious Life, and they was refer me to a Mental Assylum a home for Psychotic people it was 2 months to recover again, December 2, 2010, they was taking me back at mental Hospital because of my anxiety  and violent behavior God’s power began to use me and to testify what I have seen hear, feel,and experience, I’d feel that I am unable to escape from the experience, my depression, anxiety, fear, and anger had filled me and other negative emotions. everything to me seems unexplain and unbelieve by people who cannot sees inside me, I also feel the evil presense of Devil in my Journey to this mental assylum,  Satan had trying to deceived me and tempted me, he was using the patient control, and deceived him I hear him saying”I am Satan Evil of all Evil an evil laughter comes from him, his eyes was Fierce, although I keep praying everyday, God has Giving me Strength  and Talent of war but it is Only a basic, everyday I keep trained myself, my Talent Looks me more Foolish but fierce and Talented, There was a fight of me began when Satan trying to use him, I know it was plan by God to experience to fight with, The back of the Devil’s T-shirt was” The Son of the Thief” I was more angry and agressive and I know I need to Fight him, or he was Laughing me someday if I get coward, then I tried him  the blood of his face began to flow he got 7 punches from me,  I got the winning victory between him, but my right hand was broke itself after when  people tyring to stop us, and I thought my hand need to be stitches, God had did to me the Great battle which means I won the war between me and the Devil, I know this is the Beginning of wars. The Scars are always be my remembrance and never took to my memories, that was January 1, 2012, The nurse told me “it was How I welcomed 2012, Thanks God for his majestic Great plan.



(June 23, 2012)

The 288 persons of God



When I was in vacation I always been feel worry. There was something strange happens to me that day. The power of God began to work inside me,Then Suddenly when I laid in my bed, I was teleported to the other room It looks similar to mine, But my father is walking and he calling me says: why you are here? ‘This was not supposed to be our room and when I’ve look outside to the window I was Shock in my amazement the Whole view was not really the same.  In the evening The Spirit of wisdom comes into my Thoughts I sensed the roommate was a messenger of God.   I Listen about what he was telling me but his not intention to Talk in person and I Understand that God has already Plan me to Share my Testimony and to witness his Powers and  to make me Believe in his ways and to let me know that all the record of my Life has already been written in God’s book before I was to born. In any Hours suddenly my body began to change inside of me and I never experience this before  my internal body has a 12 multiple being inside of me and I do have the ability to control and able to change my inside part and I was count Them one by one. I Fully Understand and knowing The secret’s of the Holy Trinity. God has revealing me The secret of The Godhead. extraordinary and This was the most  Perfect Body I ever wanted.It is nice to be Like God. awesome and amazing of the Existence.

Have you watched the Ghost Fighter an animated cartoon, Where’ Eugene, Vincent, Dennis, Alfred are the Character. but they Had a mortal Enemy named Sensui 7 or they called him  the 7 personalities  of Sensui. 


1.Shinobu,  2. Minoru, 3.Kazuya, 4.George, 5. Makoto, 6. Hitoshi and 7. Naru                                    

           picture below

Sensui__s_seven_by_Cleniverw 7sensui

This Multiple person was exist in God itself

November 30, 2010 after my birthday (November 24) Lord Jesus was Speaking in me and telling about my Future. at the Age of 26  There will be Temptations her named was Hernia she will do some Naughty Tricks and make me whole naked. The Lord remind me to be remain Virgin and not allow  her to sex Intercourse with me . And I had no experience of Sex at all Then I asking to the Lord: ‘’How many you are Lord? The  Lord say “ I am 288 persons”(Godhead). When the Lord revealed me The secrets of Godhead family. The voice of  The Lord is Like a hundred musical Instrument and I never heard him again . The Next Day The God Jehovah has put me toTest me about my Loyalty.  I was experience The Godlike spirit again the 288 multiple Persons of God. then The Angel took me in spirit we were talking each other  by my own or somebody called ”hallucination” or some other term for Psychiatric. but my Mother Heard my Voice she said’’ my son was be going Psychotic we should take him to the Mental Hospital again. I was alone in my room they Locked me inside, then the angel told me a horror Story. In any minute The God Jehovah has entered my Body and he make some Realistic Story, in a sudden, the God said: I mistake,!!(nasayop ko) I Mistake!!,(nasayop!!) The multiple persons in my Body was taking out one by One and They were became Gods The (287 Gods) And Then  I was trembling in Fear then the presence of God was Lost, and Suddenly My Whole Room has image of (287) evil face creatures that supposed to be God himself,  I Lost my mind I was mentally scared and out of my Mind, too Horror.I wish I could Die in The experience. This Gods in my Thought could really burn me to Hell. it was 4x Horror & fearful it was scared me,The voice of the evils pictures Talking,  Who is Your God?, I am trembling the picture of Lord Jesus was I could’nt remember because his all presence and memory was totally taken from me, The Only I remember was a name Jehovah then I said Jehovah!! Jehovah!! The picture of God has no trace of his presence then a horror came The 287 illussion Gods in my thought  they were in Fighting the most powerful will supposed to be left, I was screaming in scared I can’t take it too long and atlast the God showing his presense then God said.  This is God!!! Lord of lords king of kings  Eternity of all Eternities!! the powerful voice was shook Them and Feared away and hiding themselves because this Gods in my Thoughts was Lust, Peace Love, Fear and anger  etc. my eyes was like a Tvscreen, I could see them hiding the The God was their Leader then the drama change they became God the 288  Spirits or persons, they are all GOD in One, that’s the God Jehovah telling me some Godlike Story, I want to smile after the Horror , God was Something to tell That we Shall have No other God beside Him For he is A One God and a Jealous one.




(June 23, 2012)

THE ANVIL EXIST                                                   





In The End Times There Will Be Many Oppurtunity to be save some others are The Fallen ones or the Fallen angel who was mistake for their service of God except Satan The deceiver God Jesus was been sent for Our Salvation The God became Man so that They Receive forgiveness for those who believe in him, The Son of God Jesus Christ was a part of God’s Whole being before The World began there is Jesus w/ his Father, If Jesus was not sent The Wrath and Anger will be poured, In Other words Only God we can receive Salvation, As I had write my previous writings  the Titled The 288 Spirits of God, we now have an Idea where all Fallen ones receive forgiveness from God, Jesus was a God the way the truth and the Life, God has plan to give chance The whole creatures to be part of Eternal Life in Heaven, As I write God using me to write to experience the world and be a model of human race. 

God The Father was plan to save The Fallen ones or the demons it will take a years but they may have salvation if the Blood of his spirits will be poured  again The God will be turns to Devil but he will not Die alone as a God turns Devil he had a chance to change himself To an Angel of Peace to make this possible another Spirit of God turns Angel, now They are two Spirit of God The Devil God and Angel God, as God is One, this two spirit of God will be one, they look similarity but obviously he is One or they will Twins, now the God has a son now a twins. To make the blood possible poured they will have to be mortal as God is Immortal, God will Choose a Man to be part of God’s Family/Godhead Family this Gift is free of the one who God had Choosen, I repeat The Man will be God as a member of Godhead Family, We now have Devil and now Angel and we have a new member Of God, This three different person will be One As God is One, I pronounce This will be The Final Oppurtunity to God’s Creations, now The Fallen One’s you Question God? for you not him sent you Saviour.. This is the possible God could do because God is Wisdom.. The Man Will be Half Devil And Half Angel.. if this happen in your Time then God Jesus will be Back in his second coming.. Amen

The Fantasy will be real in your eyes if we take to Heaven…


(June 24, 2012)

The Sex In Heaven



Uhmm.. What is Heavenly sex?  God wants me to write What Heavens are,                  

 (To all readers) In Heaven it is the most perfect and Most temptatious place, The Body is an Art of God. Our sex organ are the most tasteful than Food, everything we see pornographic scenes our Lustful feelings became strong and its hards to control, the sperm of men was the most specialty of Lust every masturbating, we feel  different powerful feelings when sperm squirting it out, It was Satisfied your self, but after that you feel your body weak and god precious gift was to be limit, then you feel a different feelings the power of God began to change, you feel something different after the sex,, This is Only for a season,.

Is There Sex Instructor in Heaven? Yes absolutely yes, they can teach you and you will learn different position of sexual intercourse, they also demonstrating sex, In Heaven we are impossible to sin, we can get no sins  of having sex.

Is God had a Wife? Yes plenty and countless, they’re all Gorgeous and beautiful                                                            

Is God had Sexual Desire? Yes God is the source of Sex and Lust .                                                                                            

How many Lust created by God? it is countless it  took Eternity to study.

What is the most powerful Lust in heaven?  All Lust is Powerful, Lust of Heaven cannot be compared to the Lust of Earth, it is billion times billions powerful than ordinary Lust.

What was God wife look like? The Wives of God was gorgeous and prettiest of all pretties, they are all powerful,  Once you could look them, you we’re totally fall in to love their beauty is unexplained.

Do I Have a Sex partner in heaven? No we are not worthy, some of us  does’nt Obey God’s Law, others do Shameful things in the eyes of God, some of us brought many wives, sex in Heaven is only  worthy for those who are righteous  and Holy, Only for those who do the will of God and obey his commands and had no record of unclean doings,he/she received this precious rewards.

The Rules & Regulations Of God, If you do this Things you will have your part in heaven,

#.1. Love God Before anything else and Only God you Fall inlove                                              

#.2 you should be Virgin                                                                                                                  

 #3. you Should not be Tempted                                                                                           should Obey the 10 commandments                                                                                

#5. Avoid bad people and seek Good.                                                                              

#6.Control your self and forget what you desired, Desire only to God.                        

#.7Pray 3x a day, 20-30 minutes prayer before sleep                                                                    

#.8 Share everything what you have, as God share you everything what he has                              

#9. In God Shall we become Foolish, we shall live by his words                                                                    

10. sufferings and be broken hearted and offer yourself to God

Then You Have your part in Heaven, enjoy the eternity. choose your Will. 

In God everything seems possible.

(july 19,2012)

The Ring of Lust



It was my 23rd birth-day While I was sleeping in my room, the God showed me many visions and Greet me for my Birth-day, I was very happy and it was the most enjoyable experience, I was smiling and watch some visions showed by the Angels and by God Almighty, There was Live Show in my eyes it Looks Like Live shows Tv. And adverticement But it was visions very clear and I was very Laughing and very enjoy they were Greeting me by my name, it says Happy B-day to you Edwin they was singing so nice, but in a minute I was smiling when I saw my Girlfriend Flashback in my memories in a sudden I saw Him naked and There comes my Powerful Lust. Oh I thought God couldn’t Tempting me but It was my B-day I’d just be enjoy, and after many showing many images then my visions was off, Then I heard a woman Voice it is very powerful and very Tempting voice, she was says: Ahmmm.. Ahhh.. Uhhmm.. my Lust was stronger and stronger very powerful I feel Like Heaven so much nice.. if someone could  experience like This, you really be Enjoy for All Eternity. And she was says “Let’s Make a Baby”. very powerful Temptation, I couldn’t believe This was exist. Ahm she was says “Lets Do it, Ohh..uhm” I feel my sperm Going out and  could squirting for 30 minutes for making this Illussionary Babies, when we were Done, I Feel 100% Satisfied It was very Beautiful and powerful and she says “Welldone, we now Have  a Baby and Kiss him”. And The next Lust was very Powerful it seems to be the Ring but invisible it can masturbate itself upside to Down, This Kind of Lust was Looks like Ring you could feel the Lustful Happiness, And it feels Heaven. When the Ring Going up, you could Feel Different powerful Feelings it was Marvelous, I Wish it shouldn’t stop. But to the next Level there has come another Lust, it is Different to the other one because it Looks Chainsaw and it had sounds really chainsaw. Every women can shout This Lust because of it’s noise. Ahm.. just Happy B-day to me thanks God for my B-day Gift.


(June 26, 2012)       

  Shaiya and Jehovah

shaiya-shaiya-21080985-1024-768 word_horse

 When I am in the Trance. the God had tied my hands by a tree, I was in the ecstacy of his  power. I was in my Room that night I can’t hardly move my body, then I heard a woman voice, her voice was like God, then God Jehovah has enter me. he made a realistic Drama I thought God had permit me to sex because I was fully naked, then God called her in a loud voice that whole earth can shook, then God says: Shaiya!!Shaiya!! Then Shaiya had searching the voice of God and findin’ us, She was an Illussionary but it looks reality. Shaiya is a Korean Myth Goddessess she was very beautiful, I know Shaiya was made real by God, I Think without a talent from God They had no Ability to paint her, Shaiya was very big maybe she was 30 feet Tall, I could see her in my visions, she has a great Power and Strong. In my visions The power of God cannot be explained, all in your wisdom and Thoughts could possible be real. we are in the image of God if we had power Like God we are fully complete and your ambitions and dreams will be reach directly. The Short Story is end by Shaiya found Jehovah they Fall in love and they Live in Eternity. 


(July 3, 2012)

God vs. Satan



While I was in the mental Isolation, I saw visions from God. Lord Jesus had Playing Chess with Satan this is not an ordinary Game, they are in the Pit of Lava and are surrounding by souls and there was sea of Fire. Jesus and Satan were surrounding by souls, while the souls are the pawns. If God had taken the pieces then no souls can be cast out, if satan Had taken the pieces then they cast out in the sea of Fire. These souls are souls of Hell that tormented by Evil presence, If Lord Jesus had win he will take them to Heaven, if Loses  he cannot take them, This is the Planning situation so that they will be in Heaven with Jesus. All of the Victim of Satan will be move to Jesus, if someone will cast out they remain with Satan and God cannot repay their Lives, This is one of  The works of God and no one can change The Law that set already.


(July 3, 2012)

The Existence and History of God 

trinity in his image creation 2

In the beginning there was Dark and God alone exist, The God was Possessed by Powers and God had eyes but cannot see, God has ears but cannot hear, God had mouth but cannot speak God had mind but cannot Think. The God found wisdom and filled him, then God are able to speak, see, hear and Think. God had no emotions and no Feelings then he create countless emotions and different Feelings including Love, Fear , peace and Anger. God has the Ability to Transform and Teleport to another Dimensions whenever he wishes. God’s Power is Limitless and could increase or be decrease in everything he does. All Wisdom is From God and every Talent we have is a Free gift. Without a Talent we are useless, God is the source of All Things, God is in Heaven and also in Earth it means god has multiply. God is in the Future and also here in the present time means God has separate/divide into countless times. God is with us meaning God is everywhere. God’s eyes are countless and no one can hide from him. God was a Nothing Impossible means everything in your Thoughts are real and Thoughts was from God. God’s is more Than animation meaning all in your imaginations are from God, all the Desire’s of Love, Lust, Anger, Peace are From God. God’s mind is like computers and God’s speed are fastest than seconds, God creates countless Heavens and countless Universe, God is the God of beauty meaning all the beautiful in the world are comes from him and all this will be yours. God is The source of our self-defense  meaning God is source of Martial arts. God was the creator of Dream meaning all of your Dreams was real and they are exist as God’s exist. God is Wisdom of Good and Evil meaning God is Good and he could be evil.


 (July 5, 2012)

MY Mental Disorder

There are many reasons Why I have mental Disorder one of This reason was my mother had a Hallucination history or Inherited but for my case I was Hallucinating on my Thoughts, some reasons is I’m Lack of eating, My some other case was I have hearing many noises in my mind and command me to do bad things but I do believe this were Demons who was Trying to destroy my life, I was a Religious person since childhood, I do and Obey The God’s Laws except Respect of parents, I wanted going on church every Sunday but When I am in college my classmate had influence me to enter the Fraternity and be a part of a member and do what they usually doing. But sometimes I got Troubled and have an affair to the other Fraternities and then there was Fraternity Wars. This is why how my Nervous started until getting worst and it result  to nervous Breakdown my mind was unconscious and always been on nervous. My some cases why This come to in a state was God, it was a Destiny of being myself, I know there are behind of this reason, God Prophecise me when I am 14 years old. It was my Teacher said: that I am Going to be prophet someday”. but I thought It was Impossible, but seems possible. In some case it was God works in me. My World was Diversible sometimes I don’t understand what’s the reality and not reality, but Diverse World. I accepted myself a mentally I’ll and I could sense and Felt all the Time, sad to say my foolish Life was for a Lifetime. I wanted to be normal like other people but I could’nt, But The God made a solemn Promised to me that he Could Give me beautiful wive and have a child. And he could turn back to the Time When I am with my Girlfriends. but saddest thing that they were already been Taken by others but All God can really do was to Turn back the Time so that I can be with them forever  in a reverse Ending, it was Saddest and Happiest Ending. I do Believed and understand the power of God , I was been choosen from a Future to be a Prophet , God knows me already before I was born and knows all my other Possibilities. God wanted me to reached all my Desires but to make them come into reality I need to be under by His powers. I should have to Learn to Love and be Hurt so that I could Learn to know a Womans desires.


(July 5, 2012)

The God Holy Spirit

Dove  and Jesus

While I was alone in my Room, The God Holy spirit was penetrate in my Body, God was Introducing himself and said” I am God Holy Spirit “. and we became Friends and God started to Joke but the topic is me he was toying me and Playing me some of His Tricks I was Laughing all the way, I feel not ordinary Laughter it was Holy, God was Laughing when he stop I feel sad then we begin to Laugh with a joyful Laughter it was Powerful, in a sudden the feeling of my heart became change then we feel sad and serious then God said.’’Love me for what I am”. A weeks later God was came in me and make a realistic illusions, God was using me then God demonstrate a Kung fu, it was Tai chi using by Kung-fu artist Jet Li. The talent is powerful it was fastest movement it was master style Technique then God Broke all the mirrors in my room with my fist and it did’nt hurt or wounds me, God showing me an Illustionary babes in his hands they were all naked and very beautiful and then a wall of my room had a reflection of Nudity Girls I was very amaze in Just 10 seconds God can create millions of Girls in different form or shaped and colors. God was our wish maker if we get to heaven all your Dreams will come into Reality. God was our best amusing when we are alone and broken, God is always there and watching us. All The Talents in the world was not ours but  from God, The God is the source of All the Languages, Technologies, and everything. God is the meaning above All.

 [Example of the Power word of God] “ Let There have many Technologies in The World.’’  “Man Shall have an Evolution.” “Desires of all Desires”.  “Wisdoms of all Wisdoms.”   


7 Gift of The God’s Holy Spirit

The gift of wisdom corresponds to the virtue of charity.

The gifts of understanding and knowledge correspond to the virtue of faith.

The gift of counsel (right judgment) corresponds to the virtue of prudence.

The gift of fortitude corresponds to the virtue of courage.

The gift of fear of the Lord corresponds to the virtue of hope.

The gift of Reverence corresponds to the virtue of justice.


(July 7, 2012)

The Image of God


We are The Image of God and the Idea of Twins are came from him. The father and son is a symbol of God and all offspring was made from him . God has a similarity person of a Father and a Holy Spirit they Look twins but God aswell, just like a Family that compose of parents, uncle, brother and a twin. Man and Women was an image of God but oppossite sex . God can birthing a child in his Own being that  he does not created, like his own son Jesus, he is a part of god’s being. the cells are the very symbols of God because it can multiply  in hundred times just like prayers it can answer all peoples. The man has a body and has a soul, In the Final Resurrection the body and soul could be one, This was our complete Transformation of body and soul. The transformation is a complete being Like a God in a Holy Trinity.


(July 11, 2012)


The Wisdom Of Foolishness

The God Almighty has Flashing Back my memories I was about 4 years old and I remember my self Hugging by Grand Mother, It was God who Hug me, I  was very Shyful and has no Talent, no wisdom and Impossible to dance anymore, I am useless and very weak. In my Elementary days my classmates had Trying to Opressed me since I was so weak and I’d always been In Fighting, sometimes I wonder what was the matter of me because I sensed my self unsual because my self has abilty to change in other behavior, there are times that I was very Talented some other time are not, maybe I was so very Special but sometimes really not .I was so very curious when I saw a crazy woman who have the ability to Tell the Future, sometimes a man Who preached the Gospel of God, and other was a Teen age who have execute kung fu, and I’m very discourage of what I saw, I Don’t understand what’s the actual caused. I remember My Teacher in Elementary  days she was Telling a Story  about  an Angel and Devil who are Whisperer  in which we are about to choose whether Good or it will Evil, I thought it was a myth. When I’m in High school I saw many who have possessed by evil spirits and I was very tremble and I Learned people getting unconscious , now In my college Life I always getting in the Bar and doing Drunk every night, and always been in Diet and have a Less on eating, The Time began when my feeling getting seriously bad and  Lose my Balance in walk,  I heard an unusual voice, I was in Fear, the voices Following me where ever I go. I heard was Girl and 2 boys they’re Trying to Broke my Heart and Have my Depression, They command me to commit suicide because I was useless and cannot be going back in school and decide to stop, my Dreams and Ambitions was Falling apart, more and more each day I’m Hearing my neighbors Backstabbing and cursing me, I don’t Know that They were Demons of Foolishness. They’re Trying to Fool me  and have Read my Thoughts, They wanted to Hurt and Destroy me, but The Lord God has watching over me. The Lord Jesus was inside my dad. That Demons have Trying to Deceived me but God by his Presence he let  me understand The Trapped of this evils, The Lord had Gave aTrials, I was In a Trance and Possessed by Devil in my Left side, The Devils Power was Great and very Strenghtful That could Kill any person, but I was in Peace and I can’t hardly control my Left Hand because Devil was in control, only I can move my right side. I convinced That everything was Exist. After many and Long Trials, The God Almighty Gifted me The Wisdom of Foolishness. I was in Understanding of The hidden mysteries and unexplained cases of Mental Disorder.

(July 19,2012)

The Final Prophecy 

Half Devil Half Ange

The God Almighty has showed me a visions of  a  Final Prophesy. The wisdom has in my Thoughts and I was been on controlled by a powerful actions. I was foretold of a Story of Angel and Devil. They were in Fighting. their heart was possessed by a pure Good and evil. They have wings but it was not use to flew.  and they were deciding to be as friends, rather of Hurting. ThenThere was voice in Heaven, The Angel was called out, Then he leave the Devil behind and there was Hatred and cursing by Leaving Him, for a  such reasons for Salvations on end Times to come , after this Things, I saw a man he was weeping and his Tears Flowing to the Ground, the Tears was forming to an Angel and Devil, whose Holding in hands Together, and found Himself  having this personalites.   He was known himself since child of Having a Good and Bad characters, but there was a Trance, While he was on the bed his body was Transformed into Half Angel and Devil, it was existing things, it seems he Tried to control his body and he had two Options of the solution he has to be Angel or a Devil, but always the Good side are winning, he was completely Transforming into Angel, his Wings Spreading out but in a sudden All was Lost, he became man again. His wings could be use, in the Afterlife, but his being could separate into Two, he can be two persons but he was one to be the control.

I Should Try my self to figure out this mysteries, It Looks they were the fourth and fifth persons of the God Family, This are the Sons of God and was been choosen to be a Offerings.  It’s a sign of Oppurtunity for Salvations on How This Fallen angels can receive their Forgiveness, There is no Other way for Salvation but Only to God has it’s Purpose..


Bible Scriptures

(Genesis 1:26) “Let us create man in our image and likeness.”

(John 8:58) Jesus said unto them,verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was I am

(Jeremias 1:5)I choose you before I gave you life, and before you were born I selected you to be prophet to the nations.”

(Jeremias 20:7) Lord, you have deceived me, and I was deceived. You are stronger than I am, and you have empowered me. Everyone jeers at me; they mock me all day long.

(Jeremias 23:23-24)I am a God Who is everywhere and not in one place only. No one can hide Where I cannot see Him. Do you not know That I am everywhere in heaven and on earth?.”

(Jeremias 27:5) by my Great power and Strength I created the world, mankind, and all the animals that live on the earth; and I give it to anyone I choose.


A Secret of a God


 My wisdom command me to write down what  I was thinking, but this wisdom trying to fooled me, I was trying to be my self respected by all the readers, I have no idea what he was wanted me to do about, but I know God is the wisdom of Everything even foolish things. The Secret behind  of a God is a Hallucianation, The Life on the earth was not normal anymore it was unusual things happening in us and sometimes we are seeing a person who have mental illness, and sometimes an atheist who are not Believers on  God, and other who was possessed by evil spirits, and other was enchanted creatures, The God also have a mental thinking which means in what in his thought and mind and even illusions was all reality, but God also have a negative Thinking on thoughts that all was not a reality all was only an illusion, it is a reality that God is exist and sometimes not existed, this is the craziest things that wisdom could do. The Reavealing Secret of  a Holy Trinity was haluccianation, means a God talking to his own persons  like example The Holy Spirit of a God, his own purposed was to showed to all creations that he was a very powerful God and he was not alone in his existence, The Holy Spirit is a person who are helping doing with God, the next was to reveal his Son Jesus Christ he is a part of God being he is not created by hands like any creations, Jesus is the Son and he is also the God Father it was a Halluccianation of  a God , his word and mission was already Scripted. God Sacrifice 




Need to be Translated into English

This Book will be Publish 2014-2015 as written in the Prophecy by God


Dreams And Visions

November 2, 2012


Akoy nanaginip at nakita ko ang isang pangitain isang demonyo na naka blindfold at nakagapos 

Ang kamay sa likod habang hawak nya ang kanyang buntot syay nakakulong sa isang underground mula 8ft ang haba, bigla bigla nakita ko ang mga kasamahan nya,  at tulad din nya silay nakagapos din at sa isang saglit nakita ko ang nagbabagang lava, at doon umalis ako sa aking pwesto at habang kasabay ko ang maraming demonyo at umalis at nagising  ako sa aking pagkakatulog.

My Interpretation:  maswerte ang mga demonyo na nakakulong Dahil wala silang nagawang pinsala sa mga tao silay maliligtas sa darating na paghuhukom ng Dios. Kaawa awa ang mga demonyong umaanib kay satanas, ngunit kapag pinili nilang bumalik sa dios ang hukom na gagawin ay isang defection o babalik sa kanya ang sakit  sa mga pinipinsala nyan biktima, kagaya ng pag torture nila sa kanilang biktima sa impierno.. ang bawat taon oras at panahon ay yun din ang ipaparanas na sakit sa kanila bago sila patatawarin ng dios na makapangyarihan…

October 26,2012

Akoy inanyaya ng aking kasintahan na pumunta sa kanilang lugar para doon kami magpasyal sa kanilang bahay at para doon ako matolog. Ang kanyang kapatid ay may sakit din sa utak gaya ko. Doon kami nagkakilala sa mental Hospital, Dahil naroon din ang kanyang kapatid, sa pagsapit ng dilim kami ay namasyal sa labas kasama ng kanyang mga kaibigan at kami ay umuwi na sa kanilang tahanan, sa pag sapit ng alas 12 ng hating gabi habang akoy natutulog, biglang  tumabi ang aking kasintahan galing sa kanyang kwarto, yumakap sya bigla at humaplos sa aking mga kamay, sa isang kislap lang ang dios ng palantadaan na si satanas ay pumasok  sa aking kasintahan, ang ilaw na parang kandila ay bigla nagging mata ng Diablo o isang illusionary at bigla akong nanginig ng katakot takot, napaka horror na sitwasyon at bigla akong nagdasal sa dios na iligtas ako sa pang aakit ng diablo at sa isang kislap lang umalis bigla ang aking kasintahan pabalik sa kanyang kwarto. . . 


Ang Batas ng Dios sa mga celestial na mundo..

Ako poy naniniwala sa mga writings ni Vassula Ryden na True Life in God at ni Ellen G. White na “The Great Controvercy, ang aking kaalaman na Binigay ng Dios ay sumasang-ayon sa kanilang paniniwala.. at ito poy totoo imuno mungkahi kong Basahin ang Kanilang Aklat para sa daragdagang kaalaman tungkol sa Dios at sa mga nangyayari sa ispiritual na mundo… kung ang aking sinusulat ay hindi tukma at hindi nagkakatugma sa nababasa sa biblia ito poy utos ng Dios sa akin at hindi po ako gumagawa ng sariling akin para mapansin, isa lang po itong pagsubok sa lahat, sa pagdating ng Dios lahat ng isinulat ko na, ay mangyayari kaya ihanda ang mga sarili Dahil lahat ay magkakatotoo Dahil mundo ito ng Baliw at ang Kapangyarihan dito ng Dios ay nangingibabaw.. Kahit na ang dios ay magkapag sinungaling sa atin malalaman mo sa huli na itoy totoo kahit hindi naman.. 

Ang pag aaral ng Dios sa buong Sanlinikha

 sa Hindi pa nilikha si Lucifer alam ng Dios ang Kanyang Posibilidad na gagawin, sa hindi pa ginawa ang mundo ang Dios ay nag-aaral kung anung dapat na gawin para magawa ang pinaka perfectong Eternidad para sa buong san nilikha at gayon din sa Eternidad ng Dios.. Nakita ng Dios na  magulo at watakwatak ang kanyang mga nilikha at wala itong respeto sa kanya, Lumakbay pa ang Dios mula sa Hinaharap at sa mga Eternidad para pag aralan ito.. 

Dahil sa walang impossibly na kakayahan ng Dios kanyang binuksan ang lahat lahat ng kaalaman.

Ang kaalamang ito ay walang hangganan o hindi mabilang(countless) at pinaka ilaliman ito ng kaalaman ng tao anghel at lahat ng mga bagay na hindi kayang maintindihan ng tao, dito din natuklasan ang Lust, Love, Sex at mga desires of all desires lahat ng to’y napakalakas at napaka tindi perfecto at hindi perfecto..  ang Love, Sex, Lust ay mga ordinaryo lang para sa ating lahat, ngunit sa kalangitan itoy napakalakas sa lahat ng pinaka malakas, ganyan po ka makapangyarihan ang Dios..

Ang kaalaman sa sex at Lust ay hindi mabilang lahat ay perfecto o itoy walang hangganang pag-aaral o eternal studies walang katapusan .. para itong pagkain na ibat ibang lasa.. pag makatikim ka ng isa meron pang hindi kayang mabilang na dapat mong matikman wala itong katapusan.. di tulad sa atin itoy Ordinaryo lamang..

Ahm.. babalik tayo sa pag aaral ng batas ng Dios para sa lahat ng Eternidad kasama din ang kasalukuyan natin.. nang matuklasa ng Dios ang mga perpektong Eternities at mga malinis at perfektong batas. Isina tupad na ito bago pa nilikha ang mundo at tao..

Ang mga Lihim na pina pangarap ng Dios..

Ang una ay Dalawang sarili o katauhan ng Dios o ang ikalawang persona na God Holy Spirit

Ang Ikalawa ay ang anak ng Dios na si Jesu cristo na galing pa sa sinapupunan ng Dios Ama o  (Being)

Bilang tagapag ligtas sa tao mula sa kanyang kaaway na si Satanas na sumira sa Batas ng Kalangitan at sa ninuno nating si Eve at adam na tinukso ng ahas..

Pangarap din ng Dios na maging (tao, anghel at Demonyo) bilang isang Triune God o pinag sama-sama, sa kabaliktaran ng kaalamang itoy tinatawag din itong The  Kings of kings and lords of lords, o Dios na may tatlong sarili o magkakaibang persona. . o itoy Dios na iisa Lamang na may tatlong sarili(god is everywhere).. silay mortal na immortal.. ang anghel at demonyo na ito ay kambal(Twins) o galing sa kaloob looban ng Dios o kanyang katawan.. o mga Anak ng Dios na kambal..(One God) ang pamilya ng Dios ay madagdagan na naman ng bagong miyembro silay magiging 7persons of Godhead family kasama ang tao, bilang iisang katauhan ng Dios..


November 8, 2012

Ang mga Secreto ni Satanas  at ng mga masasamang anghel

Sa nauunawaan ko si Lucifer ang pinaka malakas at pinaka mataas na anghel sa buong kalangitan siya din ay may kapangyarihan at itoy binigay ng Dios sa kanya bilang maging pinuno at mamuno sa lahat ng mga anghel, ang kanyang anyo ay galing pa sa hinaharap at pinag aralan ang kanyang perfectong itsura at pustura na isang pinaka maganda sa lahat (pangit na Diablo) si Lucifer ay Hindi alam ang purpose ang paglikha sa kanya, ngunit alam ng Dios ang kanyang mga walang Hangganan, and Dios ay may pangarap din na maging Perfecto ang mga walang Hangganan o Eternities na maganda ang kinalabasan ng katapusan ng lahat ng mga nilikha(happy ending) sa hindi pa ginawa ang mundo ang Dios ay meron na ng aklat ng Buhay na galing pa sa future(jeremias I am God who is everywhere)

Ang pagkalaban sa Dios ay isang pinaka matinding kaaway nya.. nang matapos ng Dios ang paglalakbay sa mga walang hangganang Eternidad at pag latid nito ang Dios ay nasa kasalukuyan din natin.. ang lahat ay nasa ayos na at ang lahat ay nasa pinaka matibay na batas at malinis na batas na walang banayad na dumi o kasalanan..


Ahm ang aking isusulat ay kahawid ng Isinulat ni Ellen G. White and Dios po mismo ang naggabay sa aking mga kamay, isip at kaalaman, para magawa ito..

Ang Batas ng Dios at ng mga Anghel sa Kalangitan

isang malaking kasalanan ang pag sira sa kapayapaan at pagsimula ng gulo noon sa kalangitan, payapa at tahimik ito na pinamumunoan ito ng Arkanghel na si Lucifer ngunit isang araw syay nagsimulang magbago at nag ambisyon na maging pinaka makapangyarihan gaya ng sa Dios ngunit syay lumikom ng mga  anghel para e protesta at siraan ang Dios, tungkol sa hindi patas na sukat na kapangyarihan at mag reklamo na silay bigyan din mga walang impossibling kakayahan at hinuhusgahan ang dios na Opression of kapangyarihan sa kanila, at dumating ang Labanan sa kalangitan at tinalo ni Miguel ang mga kaanib ni Lucifer at pina talsik sila ng Dios sa kalangitan..

at si Lucifer ay naging Satanas o kaaway ng Dios, nang si satanas ay nabitag nila sa patibong si eve at adam mula sa pinagbabawal na prutas O kaalaman sa Mabuti at masama… Kahit hindi nila ito kainin malaki po ang magkakaiba sa ating Eternity ngayon o sa kabaliktaran nito , mga Eternities ay tunay na nag exist napakalakas po ng kapangyarihan ng Dios at lalakas ito ng palakas at walang hangganan at walang katapusan kung gugustuhin ng Dios, ang Dios ay nasa lahat ng mga eternities o sa mga hinaharap siyay gumagawa at pinag aaralan ang mga ito. Ang kaalaman ay walang hangganan kailangan mo munang maging baliw bago mo ito maintindihan. Ngunit Dahil ang Dios at ang mga Anghel ay  walang Batas tungkol sa pagliligtas sa tao  patungo sa langit Dahil kinain nila ang prutas ng kaalaman silay mamamatay ang sumpa ay dadaloy sa ating lahat, at ang kasamaan o ang Diablo ay namumuno sa lahat ng mga hindi gusto sa Dios at silay mapapahamak habang buhay, dahil ang ating first parent ay natukso ng mga demonyo at Diablo sa pagkain sa pinagbabawal na prutas sila ngayoy mapapa impluensya ng mga Demonyo at silay Gumagahasa sa lahat ng ating kababaihan at kinokuntrol ang masasamang tao sa pagpatay pagnakaw at iba pang masasamang kaalaman, at mga mahika na dating ginagamit ng mga anghel noon sa kalangitan, Dahil Dito masyadong nagsisi ang Dios kung bakit pa siya Lumikha ng mga palpak na linalang(creatures) Hindi nila Alam ang mga Eternities, ngunit sa kabila ng kaalamang ito patuloy tayong inililigtas ng Dios mula sa kamay ng Diablo, at pinadala ng Dios ang kanyang Sarili o bilang tatawaging anak ng Dios(jesus Christ) para patawarin ang lahat ng Tao na naalipin sa kapangyarihan ng Diablo, Dahil ang Panginoong si Jesu Cristo ay ispirito na naging tao, siya lang ang makakaligtas sa mga Ispirito o namamatay na tao, Kapag ang Dios pinadala ang kanyang mga anak na tunay na mga magulang ay tao ngunit ang kanyang ispirito ay anak ng Dios, sila ngayoy may kapangyarihan sa laman sa ispirito at itoy  ipapasatupad ang mga panibagong batas, kung saan walang kapangyarihan ang kasamaan(evil spirit) sa tao..

Ang impyerno ay ginawa para kay Satanas at sa kanyang mga kampon at hindi ito ginawa para sa mga tao o mga ispirito ng tao, ngunit ang tao ay naging matigas at sumunod sa kasamaan o sa mga Diablo sila ngayoy mamiligro ng katakot-takot.. Itoy Batas ng Dios at hindi na ito mababago, ngunit kapag pinili natin ang Dios tayo ay maliligtas, ngunit kapag naging matigas ang ating mga ulo at kinalimutan ang Dios na tumubos sa ating mga kasalanan tayoy mamiligro(not Eternal Secure) 

Mga Batas sa mga celestial realm o mga Digmaan sa mabuti at masasamang anghel                                                                                                                                    (isang Banal na Digmaan)

May mga Kasundoan ang Dios at si Satanas tungkol sa mga labanan na magaganap, itoy ipaliliwanag ko para tayong lahat ay maka indi sa lahat ng nangyayari sa paligid, itoy isang uri ng  labanan kung saan kasunduan ito ng Dios at ni Satanas, isang Digmaan na lahat tayo  ay makakasaksi, ang kasamaan ay lalabanan ang mga anghel ng Dios kapag silay mananalo maaagaw nila ang kalangitan pati mga magagandang kababaihan at pakikipagtalik,ngunit kapag ang Dios ay mananalo lahat ng mga Demonyo at Diablo ay itatapun sa walang hangganang Hades, itoy patas na labanan.. Strenght to Strenght kun baga, para dito matatapos na ang kasamaan at kabutihan.(good and Evil).. peru hindi ito ang tunay na planu ng Dios.. na tapusin ang kasamaan at kabutihan, ang kanyang mga  anak  na Demonyo, Tao, Anghel na Dios ay isang tulay(way) para mapatawad ang mga nagkasalang anghel(fallen Angels), at silay babalik sa kanilang anyo bilang anghel, ngunit kapag pinili nilang pumanig kay Satanas silay mamahamak habang buhay, para dito magtatapos ang lahat ng mga nakatagong alamat na tunay na nangyayari sa fantasyang mundo(fantasy World) ng Dios na makapangyarihan sa lahat ng lumikha sa atin…

Warning Tribulation!!! Ikalulungkot kong balita na sa Araw ng Dios na makapangyarihan sa kanyang pagdating ang Lahat ng mga Tao ay magiging Baliw(no one exempted) Ang Dios po mismo nagsabi sa akin nito.. kaya iwasan ninyong matatakan ng 666, kayong lahat ay aakitin(lahat ng Henerasyon) ng Diablo at demonyo para makipagtalik sa kanila kaya ihanda ang Lahat ng mga Sandata ng Dios.. ang Krus, Holy water at dasal at iba pa na sinisimbolo ng Dios. . wag po kayong magpapaalipin sa Lust na kapangyarihan ng Diablo, kaya ang lahat ay maghanda at mangumpisal nah…Amen.


November, 10 2012

Si Satanas sinusubukan nya akong Kalabanin at patayin sa pamamagitan ng pagpasok sa aking mortal na kalaban kong kapatid ngunit sya’y hindi nagtagumpay balak ng Diablo na masisira ang buong sinulat  kong Propesiya(prophecy) sa pamamagitan ng pagpatay sa akin, iniligtas ako ng Dios mula sa pagbato sa akin ni satanas sa malaking galon ng Tubig, ang Ispirito ng Dios ay pumasok sa akin at mabilis akong nakailag sa pagbato sa akin kahanga hanga po ang Dios, ang Diablo ay Galit na galit at akoy lumabas ng bahay para kumuha ng pang depensa ko, nag punit ako ng bato para sa posiblidad na gagawin ng kasamaan peru andun ang aking kapatid na babae at ama para pigilan sya.. ang Dios na pumasok sa akin ay handa sa pag pakiglaban sa akin, ang aking buong katawan ay naging sandata o isang malakas na martial arts para talunin ang nag uusok na alit kong kapatid.. salamat O Dios akoy iniligtas mo sa kamay ng Kasamaan.. ang Dios at si Satanas ay Nasa matinding Labanan po, kaya iminumungkahi kong lahat kayo ay magdasal sya na mismo ang lalabanan para sa lahat ng mga kaaway, 

Si satanas at ang  kanyang mga kampon po ang umaaboso at guma gahasa sa lahat ng mga magagandang kababaihan at sila din ang Dahilan kung bakit dumidilim ang isipan ng mga Tao at pinagpapatay ang mga inusenti.. lahat ng Kasamaan ay nasa ilalim na Kapangyarihan ng Diablo kaya lumapit ang lahat sa Dios para kayoy magdasal at iwasang magkasala..

Ang Panginoong si Jesu-Cristo po ang nagligtas sa atin para iligtas tayo sa kasalanan at kapangyarihan ng Diablo, si Jesus po ay pinadala para pigilan ang kapangyarihan ng Kasamaan at para maging tulay papuntang kalangitan(The Way the Truth and the life) araw araw po tayong magdasal at wag mag pakasala sa Diyos, pwedi kang manood ng mga pornographics(sex movies) at mag aral dito at mag masturbate.. peru pinagbabawal ng Dios na ikaw makipag talik kun hindi ka pa kinasal.. o kaya hindi makipagtalik  sa kung sinu-sinu.. pwedi kang mag ambisyon sa mga babae peru hintayin mo lang at bibigyan ka ng Dios ng Mabait na babae at ikakasal ka din… wag kang mag isip at magsalita ng mga bastos… mag aaral lang sa mga sex at lust Desires… maari kang tumikim peru sa impyerno ang tuloy mo.. maari kang ihahalintulad sa mga rapist.. walang katapusang apoy.. at itoy isang sumpa habang buhay.. magbago ang lahat at mangumpisal hanggat maaga pa..

Sabi ng Dios na makapangyarihan..


November 11, 2012

Ang Diablo na si Satanas ay nagbubulong sa akin peru ang Dios ay Lumalaban para sa akin. . nilalabanan ng Dios ang mga bulong sa aking mental na kalagayan, and boses ng Dios ay nag silbing lakas para akin upang  matagumpayan ang panunukso at pagbabalisa ng Diablo sa aking Damdamin, pinaalahanan ako ng Dios na mag dasal Gabi-gabi para hindi ako matalo ng kasamaan, ang Diablo na si satanas ay kina susuklaman nya ang Dios ngunit ang Dios ay gumaganti din sa pagsasabi: satanas!! Matitikman mo ang aking pinaka matindi kong kapangyarihan sa darating na panahon ikaw ay itatapon sa walang hanggang kasakitan magpakailanman at sinusumpa kita, walang sinumang makaka hadlang sa aking mga prophesiya . .wika ng Dios.   ang Dios po mismo ang gumising para akoy magdasal para akoy hindi malinlang ng mga tinig ng mga Diablo, sa labas din naririnig ko ang mga demonyo na naglalakad na tila mga tao lang peru itoy tinig ng kasamaan na bumabalisa sa aking Damdamin.. ang isang secreto nila ay ang Hypnotic o inuutusan kang gawin ang mga masasamang bagay peru kaya itong labanan at pigilin ang iyong sarili sa pagpigil sa naririnig na boses sa iyong isipan, sila poy mga Tinig ng mga Diablo at masasamang ispirito. Kaya para maiwasan ito, panatilihing magsimba at magdasal araw-araw at umalis sa mga mapanuksong kababaihan dahil mga demonyo itong gumagamit sa kanila para gawin iyon.

Nagsusumikap ang kasamaan na hadlangan ang mga Propesiya na Dala ko ngunit ikakalat ko ito sa mga internet website, maswerte ang makikinig sa mga isinulat kong Prophesiya para malaman nila tunay na katotohanan ng kasaysayan ng Dios, Ang Dios at ang Diablo ay naglalaban sa aking isipan, napakarami pong mga patibong na boses para akoy mapalayo sa Dios peru hindi papayag ang Dios na makapangyarihan na akoy iligaw ng Kasamaan.. ang tanging armas na dala ko ay krus o rosary..

Lahat po ng nakikinig!!! labanan po natin ang Diablo na si Satanas gusto nyang punuin ng kasamaan ang Buong mundo para ang Dios ay wala ng kapangyarihan sa tao, peru hindi nya alam ang mga secreto na mga planu ng Dios.. Lahat po Tayo ay Ginawa ng Dios na perfecto kailangan malaman ninyo hanggat hindi pa huli ang lahat!! Mahal tayo ng Dios.. Ginagamit kayo ni satanas para sa mga laman u pang makapang akit ng mga mabubuting anak ng Dios, kayong masasama bumalik na dapat sa Dios para kayoy magiging mabuti at magiging mabait na  para tayo ay makapag pahinga na sa kalangitan. . ang Dios po mismo ang lalaban at gaganti para sa atin, si satanas ay masasaktan ng Dios kapag kayoy nagdadasal.. Ito po ay Batas at hindi na mabababago.. Hwag na po nating Hintayin na pinsalain tayo ng Diablo.. Godbless us all.Amen


Si satanas ay bumubulong pa rin kasama ang isa nyang kampon sa aking isipan.. napakarami pong patibong.. alam kong kunti lang tayong makakapasok sa kaharian ng Dios… mahirap at maraming pagpapasakit po ang Dinanas ko sa mga kamay ng Diablo.. halos kinu kuntrol na nila ang isipan ng aking magulang, mga kaibigan at mga kapatid at kamag-anak.. marami pong pagpasakit ang pinadadanas nila.. Halos 4 na taon akong  tinutusok ng injection linggo-linggo..halos hindi ko na kaya.. sinusuntok at kinu kulong sa bahay. Walang awa po ang Diablo at wala silang pinipili.. halos wala ng makakaindi sa baliw na mundong dinanas ko… peru ang Dios ay nakatingin lang sa akin at kanya akong pinalalakas sa aking matinding pagtitiwala sa kanya.. itoy pagsubok lamang.. kailangan pong manalo tayo. Godbless us all.. salamat o dios akoy pinalaya mo na sa kamay ng kasamaan…


November 11, 2012

Si satanas ay Gumagawa ng illusion o isang vision sa aking isipan(clear) na puro hubot hubad na babaeng magaganda ,para itong animation o  isang programming sa aking isipan.. itoy mga patibong para akoy mapalayo sa dios, ang alam koy pinahihintulutan sya ng dios na gamitin ang ganitong uri ng kapangyarihan.. ginagawa nila ang lahat para akoy linlangin ang isip koy kusang nagsasalita itoy tinig ng diablo na si satanas at ng kanyang mga kampon, ito rin ang istilong kapangyarihan na ginamit sa panginoong jesus para syay tuksohin ng Diablo(temptation)

Si satanas na baliw gusto akong maisahan ng mga koru-kuro na puro kasinungalingan, ..


November 13,2012

Secret ability of the power of evil

Devil has Opressed many people by fear, and by mental Opression and broken the heart of every people.

Ang Dios ay nagsisisi kung bakit pinagkatiwala nya  ang kanyang mga kapangyarihan at mahika sa mga anghel at ginamit nila ito sa kasamaan, inabuso at sinanay ang kapangyarihan sa kasamaan , at hindi na ito babawiin ng Dios sa kanila, ngunit ganun pa man may mga secretong  lihim pa rin ang Dios, tungkol sa mangyayari sa susunod na panahon..


November 14, 2012

Ang Dios na Ama ay nalulungkot umiiyak para sa ating lahat at sa ating mga kaligtasan.. sabi ng Dios

Sabi ng Dios para sa ating lahat!! Bakit mahihina kayong Lahat!! Bakit hindi ninyo labanan ang kasamaan at pinahihintulutan nyo si satanas na maghari sa inyong buhay.. kayoy inaaakit at ginagamit lang nya.. sa huli itatapon lang kayo na parang basura sa impyerno.. hindi ba ninyo Alam na itoy Isang Lihim na digmaan sa mabubuti at masasama????  At kayo’y mga bulag na hindi alam ang nangyayari sa mundo.. hindi ninyo sinunod ang aking mga payo at denu dumihan ninyo ang inyong mga sarili sa inyong mga gawa.. mga record na hindi kaaya aya sa aking mga paningin… ang mga record ninyo ay dadalhin ninyo sa inyong mga sarili magpakailanman hanggang kamatayan, mga kamalian.. at Malaya kayong mamili sa inyong tatahaking landas .. at lahat ng nandito sa mundo ninyo ay sa inyo na, mga babae, alak at mga kagamitan, ngunit ang kalangitan ay akin Lang… nandito lahat ang  mga ninanais ng tao ngunit kayo’y  mga hindi karapat dapat dito, . ayaw ninyong masaktan sa aking katotohanang sinasabi at ayaw ninyo ng Takot sa Dios, akoy nalalapit ng Dumating at ang lahat ng akin ay sa akin, ang lahat ng kay satanas ay sa kanya na… , para din kayong mga anghel na malayang mamili sa kasamaan at mabuti…. kayo’y pwedi ding mahalintulad sa mga anghel at kay satanas..  kaya kayo nang mag decision kung saang landas kayo dadalhin ng inyong sarili.. sinubukan ko na kayong iligtas ngunit itinakwil ninyo ang

Tanging kaligtasan at sandata nyong krus at hindi kayo sumamba sa aking anak na si hesus  at kami ay iisa lang na Dios, akoy nag paka virhin na walang kasalanan at hindi lumabag sa sarili kong batas at Dahil iningat ingatan ko ang aking pangalan at mga respeto ng mga bawat linikha ko .. ngunit kayoy tumakwil sa akin na sariling ninyong Dios at nilalapastangan ninyo ang Batas ng Kalangitan .. Hindi ninyo alam ang ginagawa ninyo.. tawagan nyo lamang ako anumang oras at akoy sasagut sa inyong mga panawagan.. maghintay at magtiis at magdasal araw araw.. dahil hindi ko na mababago ang aking mga batas.. Dahil magwawakas na ang lahat.. ang walang hanggan ay nilatid ko na.. at dito lang muna ang aking mga payo sa lahat.. almighty God..